It was 3 am. I awoke in a cold sweat. I rushed out to my living room and frantically searched my drawers for my journal. I had a vision, an appifffiany, a dream and I had to write, now. I furiosly began to jot down recipes, locations, a business plan, and a goal for the year.
Back up to early that year. My husband owns a succsessful home theater bussiness. I have been a stay at home mother to my wonderful daughter. I have been nothing more that content for the last 5 years to hang out with who I consider to be the coolest kid on the planet. This year turned out to be pretty rough on our business. It's no secret that our economy has taken a sharp down turn, and people have cut back on what they consider to be "necessary luxuries". What people wouldn't blink an eye about spending ten thousand dollars on, has become less necessary to them. That makes our business suffer in a big way.
So since I have always found joy and sheer happiness in sharing food with family and friends, I have always dreamed of someday growing a business in the culinary world. I was not sure in which direction I would place my talent, but I knew it would be planted somewhere in the food industury. If I was going to work, I wanted to have flexibiltity to do my own thing in my own time, and absolutely do what I love, so naturally it would be all about food! So I decided that it was time to start thinking about it seriously and figuring out exactly which direction I was going to go. I believe in asking for guidence and not just "winging it" because starting a business is already risky enough! So down on my knees I went, lots of prayer and meditiation, asking for God to open a door or window that would show me the right path to start the journey down for this next phase of my life. Well, ask and you shall recieve. Well, I guess he heard me loud and clear, and had a chance to get back to me at 3 am. I guess the universes doesn't care what time it is when it sends the signs you ask for. For that matter, I didn't care what time it was either! So here we are! I feel so humble, grateful, and blessed. I don't know why I was given this gift, but I accept it with open arms and will do my best to use it and care for it the best I can. I hope you enjoy my journey. Because it has definilelley had it's ups and downs, but been worth every moment. I would never trade a second, This is the sweet life!!


my daughter, i love music, art and nature. i am definately an old soul. i love to cook and bake. my favorite thing to do on a lazy saturday is read cook bake and hang out with dog sam. we love the beach and dance and sing everywhere we are. we are outside every chance we get. california makes that easy!